Inserting Metadata

Inserting Brick Metadata

Turtle files can be POSTed to the /insert/metadata API endpoint. Each upload must be qualified by:

  • source, the SourceName for which this metadata is for (this is analogous to the graph name in RDF)

  • origin: this is a unique name for this SourceName which represents the point of origin of some Brick metadata. Example origins might be brick for the Brick ontology, and building for the Brick model of a building. The triples from all origins are merged together (the contents of the most recently uploaded file for each origin are included) and the resulting graph is used by Mortar.


import requests

#TODO: this code doesn't work in the notebook yet
with open('Brick.ttl', 'rb') as f:
    url = 'http://localhost:5001/insert/metadata?source=test&origin=brick'
    resp =,
    if not resp.ok:

TODO: insert triples directly