Welcome to MortarΒΆ

Access to large amounts of real-world data has long been a barrier to the development and evaluation of analytics applications for the built environment. Open data sets exist, but they are limited in their span (how much data is available) and context (what kind of data is available and how it is described).

The goal of Mortar is to provide a large, diverse and consistently updated testbed of buildings and building data to facilitate reproducible evaluation of building analytics.

At this time, Mortar contains 107 buildings, spanning over 10 billion data points and 26,000 data streams. Context for these data streams is provided by a Brick model. The Brick model describes for each building:

  1. what data streams exist and what they measure,

  2. what equipment exists and how it is monitored,

  3. the relationships between equipment in terms of flows, composition and location.